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Leawood Studio provides design tools and services for beauty industry professionals to succeed in their businesses.

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Website Templates

Get a stunning, functional website up in no time with our beautiful, pre-designed website templates. They are 100% customizable and come with video tutorials!

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Email Templates

Email is still one of the most effective marketing strategies. Our email templates will allow you to get one created within minutes!

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Design Services

If you are ready to put a professional face on the business and brand you’ve worked so hard our design services are perfect for you.

How it all started...

Brooke Lea Wood & Zorro | Owners and Founders of Leawood Studio

Brooke Lea Wood & Zorro | Owners and Founders of Leawood Studio

Growing up, I was always the kid that loved art class and had the prettiest science projects despite how inaccurate the facts were. I spent my free time redecorating my room or dabbling in Word Art. However, making a living by being a "creative" wasn't an option to me (or my parents who are both college professors). So I went to college. And dropped out. Then started college again. And dropped out again. Then tried ONE more time to go to college. And dropped out for the third and final time.

From that moment forward I fully dedicated my time on YouTube learning how build landing pages, write copy, and becoming skilled in Photoshop. It was at that time my friends needed someone to do the branding for a waxing salon that they were going to open. I jumped on the opportunity, eager to put my new skills to the test. I did their branding, built their website, and created any and every marketing material. Within nine months of being open they went from zero clients to winning “Best Small Business of Phoenix 2015”. It was such a thrilling experience to be a part of their success, even if it was just a small part. 

For the next three years I took on clients within the beauty industry such as estheticians, spa owners, beauty products, etc. I love the industry because it allows me to be fun and feminine in my design. I created over 100 websites for some amazing clients. To check out some of my favorite projects you can head over to my portfolio page. When I decided that I wanted to reach a larger audience. I shifted my business from working one-on-one with clients to creating templates and content on how to edit and use those templates.  My passion is connecting with people and providing education on how you can become a design and marketing guru within your own business. I am continually adding products and content to my blog, my Instagram, my YouTube channel, and my Facebook group "Esthetician Marketing Club" where thousands of estheticians share their successes, ask questions, and get marketing advice. You should join...if you are into that stuff;). 

When I am not working I am spending warm sunny days in San Diego with the love of my life, Brett, and our two pups, Bodie and Zorro, who get plenty on camera time on the Leawood's Instagram. I also am also obsessed with Dateline, chocolate chip cookies, and thrift shopping. Please stay awhile and check out all the products and education that we have to offer!

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