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How it all started

You can only quit college so many times. This is how Leawood Studio actually started. I’ve always been a “free spirit” and after many semesters of literally feeling my soul being drained out of me (no offense to any college educators out there a.k.a both of my math professor parents), in true millennial fashion I decided to leave for good in 2015 and enter the wild wild west of freelancing.

This is when I discovered three things. One, you can learn anything on YouTube. Two, I LOVE working with skin care and beauty related brands. And three, Squarespace (my absolute favorite website builder). Fast forward a few years and I’ve been able to create over 100 websites for beauty industry professionals. If you are interested in my services or have questions about our pre-made templates please don’t hesitate to reach out! Keep reading if you’d like to know more about our process.

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Our Process

We like to keep things as easy and simple as possible for our clients. Our process consists of five steps; a gathering the content, creating a mood board, designing the website, doing the revisions, going live!

We help you every step of the way and make sure that every client is satisfied with the work before setting the site live.

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