3 Keys to Creating Shareable Content for beauty industry professionals


Have you ever opened up Instagram or Facebook, bound and determined to post something that will catch your clients eye, only to stare blankly at the screen for minutes? Do you spend precious minutes wondering just what one earth to put up? I do! Despite the fact that it’s our job to produce gorgeous web content, even the designers at Leawood Studios have moments of baffled frustration when it comes to social media.

But you don't have to stay there! We’ve been combing the interwebs, learning all we can, and we want to share it with you. We’ve found these three things to be so helpful when deciding what to post on social media:

1. Make it educational

Your client doesn’t know, what your client doesn’t know. Use the space to highlight some important information about your services and products. In the past, Leawood Studio clients have posted examples of the nourishing ingredients that fill their products, or the benefits of certain services. Combine the beautiful with the educational to create memorable content!

2. Make it humorous

We all know, something that makes you giggle is more likely to stick with you than some vaughly inspirational but oh-so-forgettable motivation. Collect funny quotes or observations from your week, and turn them into shareable posts. Encourage your clients to tag themselves or tag a friend (#relatable). Don’t take yourself too seriously!

3. Make it relevant (pop culture, latest DIY skin care myths)

Take advantage of the current cultural conversations to engage your followers! It’s the instant camaraderie of sharing a giant inside joke, or even an inside question. Will a turmeric mask really help clear up skin, will eating a tide pod really taste like a fruit gusher (not recommended)? Huge shout out here to the Let’s Lash instagram account - they leverages pop-culture in the best way. With the constant stream of celebrity or local news content pouring in, it’s a continual fresh source of inspiration.

Side note: if you’re sharing a post you didn’t create, but found somewhere online, just make sure you give the proper credit!