What logo variations you should have


Did you know that most companies have more than one logo? It’s good to have different variations of the same logo so you can use the variation that works best for what you are using it for.

logo variations.jpg

1. Wide Logo

A wide is probably the most common logo dimension. This logo is wider than it is tall. It’s best uses are for the top of your website, letterhead, a Facebook cover photo, and signage.

2. Tall Logo

A tall logo is great for for social media profile photos, social media posts, and any labels or packaging you need for products.

3. Small Logo

A small logo is also known as a “submark” and is perfect for small areas like an Instagram profile picture. It’s also fun to use on business card, gift bags, or other printed goodies.

4. One - Color Logo

This logo comes in handy when you are overlaying it on multicolored backgrounds, using it as a watermark on a photograph, or creating a stamp!

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