15 Fun Promo Ideas For Estheticians Inspired By Random National Holidays

15 fun promo ideas for estheticians inspired by random national holidays.jpg

Here is the USA there are A LOT of random Holidays that never get the recognition they deserve. Here are some fun promo ideas surrounded around some not-so-obvious holidays! 

1. January 8: National "'Winter Skin' Relief Day”

After the Holidays most people are in need of some major "relief", and not just from their winter skin. Offer a promotion on your most relaxing and hydrating facial or see if the skin care line you use offers a delicious body butter you can have on your shelves. Let people know that there is a limited quantity of them. 

2. February 19: National Lash Day

How fun would a Big Huge Lash Flash Sale be?! If you offer eyelash extensions at your studio, do a 3 day Flash Sale on your classic or volume set (or both!). You can even offer a free upgrade from classic to volume for people who want to try out volume lashes. Who knows, maybe they'll stick to volume after the sale!

3. February 28: National Healthy Skin Day

Let your audience know some of your best "Healthy Skin Tips" by putting together a PDF Download and creating an email opt-in on your site. Building your email list is SO important and a lot of estheticians are missing out of great marketing opportunities by not investing time in building their list. 

4. March 8: International Women’s Day

The beauty industry is full of WOMEN! Partner with local businesses that would contribute to a fun "Girls Day Giveaway For Two". These businesses could be nail salons, clothing boutiques, hoppin' brunch spots or hair salons. Now, because you would be offering SO much value in this Girls Day Giveaway don't make it too easy for people to enter. Create it multiple steps that could include opting into your email list, liking you on Facebook, following you on Instagram, tagging who they would take on the girls day with them, and whatever else you would feel benefit your business. 

5. April: National Facial Protection Month

How does your geographic location affect your clients skin? Is it the sun? Pollution? Put together a "Protection Package" that includes a customized facial and essential products that people should use everyday to protect their skin for a discounted package rate. When you are marketing it, inform your audience of the potential harms and how to combat those risks. Offer a Comment with your ideas or things you've tried in the past that your clients have loved! 

6. May: Melanoma Awareness Month

Disclaimer - do not diagnose something that is out of your scope of practice. However, you can offer a complimentary 15 minute "Skin Scan" if you have the appropriate equipment. This can be done by itself or added on to an appointment. Skin scans are awesome for showing your clients things about their skin that are hidden for now but will show later on if they don't take action now such as sun damage, hyper pigmentation, and more. 

7. June 8: National Best Friend’s Day

Real friends don't let friends slack on their skin care. Design a two e-coupons to put in an email that is "For You" and "For A Friend" with either some Spa cash amount or a percentage off a service. 

8. June 21: National Selfie Day

This is a FUN giveaway opportunity. Decide on what you are going to giveaway and make it easy on yourself. Maybe it's some retail that you never move, or a quick 30 minute service. To enter, have your clients share a selfie on Instagram and tag your business in the caption!

9. June 21: National Bikini Day

You know what this means for all you bikini and brazilian waxers! National Bikini Day is also the official first day of Summer (great for marketing). Put together "Summer Packages" that include 3 or 4 bikini or brazilian waxes for a discounted rate so people can stay smooth all summer. Make sure to market the value of the package as well as the discounted rate.This is awesome because people pay for the whole package up front!

10. July 29: National Lipstick Day

This is a great day for estheticians who retail makeup. Do an offer where your clients can pick 3 colors for a discounted rate. A fun thing to do that day is take a "kissy lips" photo of all your clients wearing a bright color and post it on your Instagram story. 

11. August 15: National Relaxation Day

Create the ultimate relaxation package for your clients. You could bundle a facial, mask, and massage together or any other relaxing treatments you may have. Market it by saying that if they could only do one relaxing thing for themselves this year they NEED to take advantage of this package!  Brazilian waxers may want to skip this holiday. 

12. september: National Skin Care Awareness Month

A fun thing estheticians I've worked with have done and have had success with is "Stock-Up September". Almost everyone who likes skin care accumulates a "bathroom graveyard" over a period of time with skin care products they purchased but never used or tried once and didn't like. This is an opportunity for your clients to clean out that bathroom graveyard and replace it with high quality products that they will actually use and that will actually work. You can give a $5 credit towards your retail line(s) for every full size product they bring in that is not used or barely used. Make sure to be specific about what they can and can't bring in for the credit. This is also a great opportunity to educate your clients on the potentially harmful ingredients that are in the products they are purchasing. With the left over products your clients bring in you can put together "beauty bundles" with the products that haven't been opened and give them to local homeless women or find a center you can donate them to. 

13. September 30: National Mud Mask Day

This is an obvious promo opportunity. However, you can promote this without having to even offer a discount! You can simply concoct a unique mud mask that is specific to the type of weather your particular area is experiencing and only offer it for a limited time (think Pumpkin Spice Latte). Make sure to take pictures of all your clients enjoying their mud mask! 

14: November: Small Business Saturday (Tuesday after Thanksgiving)

Encourage your clients to support small businesses by doing some of their Holiday shopping with you! Offer professional looking gift cards they can buy for their sisters, girlfriends, mom, or anyone else that would be interested. You can also put together high end gift baskets full of professional products that make it easy for your clients to purchase as a gift. 

15: Dec 26: National ‘Thank You’ Note Day

This wouldn't be a promotion but rather a kind gesture. Send a thank you card to everyone who was a client that year (you can also send a thank you email to save some cents) and include a $10 gift certificate that they can use on their next visit. Be sure to include an expiration. 


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