13 Halloween Email Subject Lines for Estheticians

13 halloween email subject lines.jpg

The holidays are well on there way which means lots and lots of puns. Here are 13 Halloween inspired subject lines that are sure to get you spooky high open rates.

  1. Don’t be a scaredy cat. Look inside!

  2. We’ve got a spooky good treat for you this month…

  3. Even witches need facials.

  4. This sale is the equivalent to the house that gives out FULL-SIZE candy bars.

  5. Have you gotten your mask for halloween yet? The other kind of mask…

  6. Don’t worry, I didn’t Ghost you.

  7. Let’s make you (even more) Boo-tiful.

  8. Tomb it may concern…

  9. Hey pumpkin! I’ve got a treat for you!

  10. You can act like a witch but you don’t need to look like one.

  11. The Super Vampire Facial Special is here!

  12. This sale is not Hocus Pocus.

  13. Our totally wicked flash sale is scary good.


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