30 Creative Email Subject Lines for Estheticians Who Want Higher Open Rates

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Sometimes coming up with the perfect subject line can be quite stressful when you are about to send a mass email to your clients. Here are some ideas of creative headers and why they work.

For the "Long Time No See" Clients

1. I'm missing your pretty face!

This one shows that you've noticed that they haven't been around and also pays them a sweet compliment. When they open it possibly include a small discount on their next appointment that has to be used within the month.

2. Did we break up?

Cute and funny, this one is for sure to get a good open rate purely from the corkiness of it.

3. Should I stay or should I go?

This alludes to a popular song that we all know. Inside this email make it very short and to the point (but also fun). Say something like "Hey darling, I know you're busy so I'll make it quick - just reply with a 1, 2, or 3 so I know how to best serve you.

  1. I am interested in your services but haven't got around to booking my next appointment!

  2. I am interested in your services but it's just not the right time.

  3. Thank you for your services but I will be moving on."

That way you know where a client that hasn't been in for a while stands.

4. Uh-oh, you’re in need of an appointment!

Using phrases like "uh-oh", "oops", or "yeehaw" humanizes emails. It makes it seem like it's coming from an actual person (which it is...you).

5. Where you should be right now.

This creates a sense of urgency. You can use this line to promote a flash sale that even long term no show'ers would want to take advantage of.

6. Let's get back on track!

Sometimes life throws us off course and this line is a non intimidating way to give your clients a chance to get back on their regimen they had with you.

Promoting Deals and Specials

7. Here's $10

I have always had success with this simple and straightforward subject line. Use as a little boost for those slow months!

8. I think it's time for you to take a sick day.

This email subject line was inspiration from a newsletter template that was created for Sofie Shop. Everyone needs a little laugh every now and then.

9. You've been selected to receive the Kim K treatment.

This contains two key parts. "You've been selected" and "Kim K". People are more likely to click on something that they think is applicable to them personally and also using current figures (Kim K) or events peaks curiosity. You can switch out Kim K for anyone but this would be a perfect subject line for a promo where you research some of the most known celebrities and their skin care routine and best replicate it in your salon. Market it as the "[insert name of celebrity or figure] Package" and offer it as a single bundle price.

10. Happy Birthday [name of client]! Special Surprise Inside.

People love gifts on their birthday. Simple as that.

11. The Broke Girls Guide To Having Incredible Skin for the Month of [insert month]

This is a fun way to promote a months special. Just have a list of services that are being discounted that month.

12. You need to add this to your to-do list this month.

People can't resist these. "What do I need to add?" ... *click*.

Sharing Tips and Articles

13. 5 things You Can Do Today To Prevent a Breakout Tomorrow

People love knowing things that can apply to their lives instantly. You can change the amount of tips as wells as what they apply to (acne, aging, dry skin, oily skin).

14. Learning To Love Your 40+ Year Old Skin

Add some positivity to your client's life. There is enough content out there telling people they aren't beautiful enough.

15. DO NOT Commit These Skin Care Atrocities

Educating your clients is one of the best things your can do for your business. They become a more loyal and see better results. Tell them things they should / should never do and they will have you to thank for their beautiful skin!

16. How We cleared [name of client]’s Skin In 6 Months

Case studies are an awesome way to show off your superpowers! Partner with a client who is willing to document their progress and share their story.

17. Showing Off Our Featured Client of the Month

Piggybacking off of 16, this is a cool way to showcase your clients and also let your email list know that you care! The client of the month doesn't necessarily mean they need to have seen drastic results, it could even be the winner of a free service. People want to be loyal to businesses that give back.

18. Internet Skin Care “Hacks” That Actually Suck

This is another great opportunity to educate your clients. By using stronger language (that's not offensive) people are a lot more likely to see what you have to say.

Increasing Product Sales

19. Products That Make Us Proud

Proud is a trust word and people are interested in what skin care professionals take pride in and why.

20. Top 3 Products for the Blazing Hot Summer

This subject line as two things going for it. If it's sent at the right time then it is applicable to people situation (being in the Summer). Also using hyperbolic words like "blazing" instantly make it more interesting.

21. What can you afford?

It's not a secret that professional products are more expensive. It's also not a secret that they work! Show off your "Must Haves" or your "Essentials" for people who won't be able to afford the whole product line. That way they can at least start somewhere!

22. Only have 5 minutes in the morning? These products are a must!

Intrigued? Yeah...your clients will be too. It's a great way to showcase your essentials.

23. Don’t buy these 3 products...ever.

As important it is to get your clients to start using professional products, it is equally important to get them OFF bad ones. Give your clients alternatives to whatever products you hate. "Buy this instead."

24. My spidey senses tell me you are in need of some products.

Have a client who bought products 3 months ago and hasn't reordered? Send them this! Sometimes it's as simple as they just haven't taken the time to do it.

Following Up

25. Wanna make this a thing?

Ideally you want to rebook in the treatment room. But if for whatever reason that didn't happen, this is a cute way to ask your client to book another appointment.

26. Be real with me…

As hard as it is to hear, we NEED people's feedback to improve our businesses. Link this to a private survey where the client can be open and honest about what they enjoyed, what they didn't, and what you could improve on. Maybe offer a 10% discount on their next appointment for taking the time to fill it out!

27. Our Next Step :)

This is a great subject line letting people know that results taking time and consistency.

28. A huge thank you! (and a little treat inside)

Be grateful for you clients and show them! They chose YOU over everyone else so show some love. Maybe offer them a 10% discount when they schedule their next appointment within a week of coming in. 

29. Quick question!

This is a great and simple line for an email you are sending out for feedback. Make sure the question is actually quick like "Rate your experience from 1-10 (10 being stellar and 1 being horrific) and you can receive some great feedback. You can also redirect them to your online review platforms such as Yelp or Google +.

30. I appreciate you coming in [name of client]!

This one never fails. You don't need to offer anything else with this. A Thank You goes a long way and people like to know that you went out of your way to thank them for their business.

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