6 of the Best SEO Strategies for Estheticians

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SEO strategies are always changing. Google will one day decide to switch up their algorithm and what worked yesterday won’t always have the same impact today. I got together with head SEO Manager of Crush Empire, Brett Welker, and asked him what he thought the best SEO tactics, specifically for the esthetics industry, are and here is what he came up with.

1. Reviews, reviews, reviews!

When it comes to local, service based businesses (salons, spas, restaurants, dental practices, etc) reviews are crucial to your ranking in a search Google. Usually the businesses that come first in the map section of a Google search are the ones who have the most Google reviews. Yelp and Facebook reviews are important too! A lot of the time your business Yelp page will rank higher than your actual website if there are enough good reviews. Create incentives for your clients to leave reviews or “share their experience” on multiple platforms.

 2. Having a mobile friendly website

Any SEO guru would roll his eyes if he knew we were still having to preach this in 2017. Let’s get something straight, as of late 2016, mobile & tablet traffic has now exceeded desktop traffic. This means that it’s actually more important for your site to look good and be easy to navigate on a mobile device than a desktop, although having it functional on both platforms is ideal. Google wants their users to have the best experience possible when searching on their platform and if someone is searching for an esthetician on their phone, which is statistically more likely the case now, and your site isn’t mobile friendly, then you can be sure that it’s not going to show up.

3. Creating a simple call to action

Visitors should know what they're supposed to do within three seconds of visiting a website. If your homepage is cramped with every product and service you offer, your potential clients are likely going to bounce from your site and never come back. People want to be told what to do but it a subtle, non-intimidating way. Keep your introduction a brief 1-3 sentences and then add a simple, open-ended CTA (call to action) like “Book Now” or “See Our Services”.

4. Customizing your meta titles and descriptions

When someone finds your site organically (searches Google and your website appears in non-paid search results), you can control the text displayed in both the title and description for your page that Google displays. Creating a unique and captivating meta title with a captivating description can make all the difference in your site getting a new visitor vs. your competitor getting that same visitor. You should control your brand's message by customizing this for every page on your site. The good news is customizing these doesn't take long. Make sure that the titles and descriptions include keywords like the services you offer and the city in which you offer them.

PRO TIP: The more clicks you get relative to your SERP (ranking for a specific search term), the higher you'll move in the rankings. Google is trying to display the most relevant search results and they measure this by comparing the numbers of clicks to your page for a search term to what the average CTR is for that ranking position. Getting organic traffic takes time, but once your site starts ranking - having your meta titles and descriptions dialed in will actually increase your rankings FURTHER because more people will be clicking on them and Google will see your site as more relevant.

Create an email capture

The most successful estheticians don't always necessarily have the most traffic, but they take full advantage of every visitor that comes to their website. If you have a great product or service and/or great deals, let your visitors know! Then add an email capture and offer an exclusive discount for first time customers when they input their email. (Insert screenshot examples of good email captures you like) The reason an email capture is so valuable is because you can convert one time visitor into lifetime client. This is especially true in service industries.

Creating shareable content

A lot of older SEO advice focuses on stuffing your blog articles with as many keywords as you can and having a certain word count. Although having a healthy amount of keywords laced throughout articles is good, what’s even more important is having valuable and educational content within those articles. Make them interesting and even relevant to current trends that are happening. And let me tell you, there are TONS of skin care trends going on everyday that estheticians could weigh in on. The goals of these articles are to get traffic to your site and to also educate people so that in the future they turn to you for answers to their skin care problems instead of a Google or YouTube search. Every time you write a blog article for your website ask yourself if you think people would share it on their Facebook or other social media platforms.

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