Best Online Booking Platforms for Estheticians

TOP #7 Comparison Chart

UPDATED MAY 20, 2018

If you own a salon or spa in 2018, having an online booking software that compliments your business is a MUST

Ranking #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
Starting Price $85 per month
Get 50% off your first 3 months!
$24 per month
Get $10 off today
$25 per month Free Free $39 per month Free
Free Trial or Demo Free Demo Free Demo 30 Day Free Trial NA 14 Day Free Trial 30 Day Free Trial NA
Merchant Built in Stripe Built in Square Square, Stripe, PayPal,, Braintree Stripe Square, Stripe
Merchant Fee Price Match 2.60% 2.75% 2.75% Depends 2.7+ $0.30 Depends
Auto Confirmation Email and Text Yes customizable email and text Yes customizable email and text Yes email and text NOT customizable Yes customizable email and text Yes customizable email and text Yes email and text NOT customizable
Auto Reminder Email and Text Yes customizable email and text Yes customizable email and text Yes email and text NOT customizable Yes customizable email and text Yes customizable email and text Yes email and text NOT customizable Yes email and text NOT customizable
Auto Follow-up Email and Text Yes customizable email and text Yes customizable email and text Yes customizable email and text Yes email and text NOT customizable
CC Processing
Inventory Management
Reporting and Filtering
Email Marketing
Mobile App
Customer Service Phone, chat, email Phone, chat, email Chat, email Email Email Phone, chat, email Chat

1. BOOKER ★★★★★

Booker is the motherload of all scheduling softwares. It can essentially do whatever you need it to for your business. The great thing about Booker, especially for estheticians and other spa, salon, or beauty industry professionals, is you will never outgrow it. We all know how much of a pain it is to switch scheduling platforms. Another great feature is whether it's just you or you have 2,000 employees, Booker will remain $85 or $135 per month depending on what plan you choose. Their average customer stays with them for 5 years! Talk about client retention. Here are my favorite aspects of booker: 

  • Great customer service, easy to get a hold of

  • Customizable confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails and texts

  • Customizable branding

  • Robust and accurate reporting

  • A very flexible auto-billing / membership options

Helpful Tip:

  • The process of getting all set up with Booker takes around 4-6 weeks. You have a designated rep who will set everything up for you and help you get familiar with the platform.

2. Gloss Genius ★★★★★

Gloss Genius is a fairly new booking system but has taken the beauty industry by storm! Their super sleek, and minimalistic platform is a complete head turner and will definitely make you stand out. If you are a solo practitioner and plan to remain that way, this is a steal of a deal. Some of my favorite things about Gloss Genius are:

  • The platform is so well designed

  • They have an awesome text message marketing feature

  • Their KISS attitude. With everything they do "simplicity" is their main focus.

  • Lowest merchant rate in the industry


  • This platform primarily functions on a mobile device. The desktop version is very limited on what you can do. If you are not comfortable running your business through your phone then this may not be the best option for you.

3. Vagaro ★★★★★

With both an easy app & online presence, Vagaro is a wonderful online Scheduling & Business Software, perfect for an Estheticians needs. Easy-to-use flexible scheduling goes hand-in-hand with memberships features and inventory management. A one-month free trial makes it easy to decide if it suits your needs, and it includes email marketing, customer retention reports, QuickBooks online integration, and text reminders. 

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Highly user-friendly app - with easy schedule, reschedule or gift-card options.

  • Eliminate phone-tag with appointment auto-reminders

  • Easy linking to other platforms for booking - including Facebook!

4. Square Up ★★★★

Square Up is a highly intuitive, easy to use scheduling software - where your can create or cancel their appointments from their desktops or mobile devices. They can also schedule recurring visits and receive a quote about how much an appointment might cost. On the administrative side, you can't add intake forms to the online appointment-scheduling process. Intake forms can save you and your patients' time by having them fill out paperwork ahead of time...


  • Many estheticians have given feedback that their reporting is very off, especially when filtering clients. If you plan on doing a lot of email marketing (which you should) then this may be a problem in the future. If email marketing is intimidating to you, check out our gorgeous email templates to make your life simpler!


Customizable appointment scheduling, reminders, cancellation AND intake forms make Acuity a solid booking system! Some estheticians found it a bit pricy for small businesses. It's not as easy to navigate as the previously mentioned software, but integrates well with Google Calendar, Outlook, Squarespace and more.  


  • Unfortunately Acuity Scheduling doesn’t have inventory tracking so if that’s a must for you I would suggest Booker or Vaguro.

6. GenBook ★★★

While Genbook is fairly comprehensive and get's solid reviews online, you can get most of the features through other online booking systems. Also, a feature that a lot of beauty industry professionals need is a way to track inventory and Genbook doesn’t offer that. However, Genbook captures reviews from clients which is a really thing to show off when people book appointments with you!

6. Schedulicity ★★★

The upside of Schedulicity is that it is free... The downside of Schedulicity is that it looks free. While it may get the job done temporarily if you're in a bind, it will be hard to grow your business and you will most likely have to upgrade or switch to another platform all together very soon to find a platform that will meet all your needs.

And that's a wrap! Hope this helps you find the scheduling software that works perfectly for your business!