What Kind Of Boss Babe Are You? (Pick A Color)

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When picking your color you might be surprised that the color you are drawn to isn't one that you wear or would wear on a normal basis. Just let your subconscious do the work and go with it!


You are very intuitive and are usually that person that can get a quick read on a situation or “see through” someone. You run your business according to that intuition and value if decision *feels* right even if it doesn’t make logical sense in the moment. Because of that, your business may grow at a slower rate but the peace of mind you have and the alignment you feel is more important to you than quick money.


You are the kind, thoughtful, and a super-giver which is so important when it comes to your business. You give so much value to others that you have gained a lot of trusted followers that know you will take care of them and give them the opinion they need to know or hear. This is crucial to a long lasting and amazing reputation. At times you may feel drained or taken advantage of. You need to really define things that you are willing to give, whether it's advice, a 30 minute consultation, or an add-on product, and things you need to be paid for. This will help you not give everything away in your business. 


You are a master CEO chick and even though you may not feel like you don’t have it all together, from everyone else’s perspective - you totally do. Risks are scary for you and making calculated decisions is your best business trait. Even though a babe with a plan is a force to be reckoned with, make sure to get out of your comfort zone and do something unexpected. Sometimes spontaneity can be your best friend in business and make you realize you are more badass than you thought. 


You are a RISK TAKER and have the constant self-talk of “In the end, everything will be ok” which allows you to make big decisions. Decisions others wouldn’t dream of making. Sure, you’ve failed (a lot) but because of your openness, you’re able to expose yourself to so many more opportunities which has served your you very well and will continue to serve you.


You are a creative genius and you know it. You are the person that always gets compliments on their style or shoes or taste in music. Your problem is, because of how many brilliant ideas you have, you don’t know which one to be working on at any given time. By taking the time to really think out which idea is most accessible in your life right now (Which idea do you have the most tools for at this moment?). By going with it and not looking back or letting other ideas distract you, you can be an unstoppable force.


You are a silent assassin (the Barbie pink isn’t fooling us honey). You’re superpower is “hustle” and you are not afraid to put in the extra hours to outwork your competition. You’re busy and you like it (even when you complain about it) because you know deep down if you weren’t busy as f**** you’d be bored out of your mind. Because of that boss babe hustle mentality you have lofty goals and every intention of reaching them. Most people would tell you to make sure you are taking time for yourself or to implement work-life balance but I am giving you permission to keep hustling and get after it while you can!

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