About Kris

I grew up with two math teacher parents and my closest sibling in age is also majoring in math but somehow it was never my strong suit. I always loved creating little art projects and through jr.high and the beginning of high school I was in theatre clubs doing SFX makeup. I would spend hours on YouTube watching "Behind The Scenes" videos of film making and tutorials on zombie makeup. However during my latter half of high school I became more interested in the virtual arts. I would see Instagram posts that would have messy colors and overall bad presentation and I would want so badly to fix it for them. Now as a college student I am a Graphics Design major with a minor in Studio Arts and I actually get excited to go to *most* of my classes. In my spare time I play music, create small video edits, and skateboard.



Things I love

  • Halloween festivities (scary makeup, haunted houses, horror flicks)
  • Traveling anywhere with fun positive people.
  • Singing my favorite song too loud in the shower.

Things I hate

  • Stepping in drops of water with socks on.
  • When people can't stay on beat when they clap along to a song.
  • The awkward stages bangs go through when you are growing them out.

My Goals

  • Purchase my own car by next winter so I can go on road trips.
  • Learn more scales on my guitar.
  • Run a marathon