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Looking for a professional, done-or-you option? You’ve come to the right place.


Website Restyle

$1,750 + | 4-6 WEEKS

This is my most popular service for beauty industry professionals who love the Leawood Studio website templates but don’t have the time (or desire) to customize it themselves. We will take your favorite website template and customize it to fit your branding. The website restyle includes all the pages in the templates (7 + the blog) and the price may increase depending on how many extra pages are needed, if you are planning on selling products, or have any other add on’s you would like to include. See examples of website restyles by clicking here.


Custom Website 

$3,500 + | 8-10 WEEKS

If you have a unique vision for your website, have specific functionality requests, or are outside the beauty industry but still love the look of Leawood Studio sites you may consider booking a custom website design. A custom design will give you all the flexibility in the world for me to create the website of your dreams. A free word mark logo is included in this package so that the end product will be completely cohesive. To get more information about a custom website please reach out and contact me.


Logo + Branding

$1,000 + | 2-4 WEEKS

Branding is the base of everything visual your business. It dictates everything from what images will be used on your website to what throw pillows will be purchased for your waiting room! Get a clean, beautiful logo that represents what you want your brand to convey as well as a branding booklet that goes over all the colors, fonts, and imagery so you can look back on it time and time again. If you are interested in being a part of this branding experience contact me for more information!


Clarity Call

$150 | 60 MINUTES

If you are feeling super stuck in your business, need another brain to bounce ideas off of, or you would like a complete website overview then a clarity call is the perfect way to get guidance on what your next steps should be. During the call we will go over what you are struggling with in your business, and what actionable things you can do to start turning the ship around (towards success!)