Choose from one of our custom designed websites below and easily make it your own within days. All of our designs come with amazing BONUSES. Learn more about how Pop-Up Sites work.


How Pop-Up Sites Work


1. Choose a design

Pick and purchase the design you love the most. Make sure to correctly fill out the form right when you click "purchase" so we know where to send your bonus goodies!  

2. Wait for delivery

Our Pop-Up Sites take 2-3 business days to be delivered to you. In the meantime, you will receive a confirmation email telling you to look out for an invitation email from Squarespace. 

3. Edit your site

When the site is delivered it will look exactly as it did in the demo. You will receive an invitation from Squarespace to access your site as well as video tutorials showing you how to switch out the logo, content, and other basic edits to make it your own. 

4. Launch & Celebrate!

After you've completed making the neccessary edits you are ready to launch your brand new site! (don't worry there will be a tutorial video showing you how to do that too) Pop a bottle of champaign and celebrate! 



No coding necessary

Each Pop-Up Site comes with step by step video tutorials on how to edit your new Squarespace site. It is a sleek user friendly platform that is easy to edit and easy to manage. No complicated coding. 

Mobile Friendly

All designs are 100% mobile responsive and will look great on any desktop or mobile device! This is really important because most online traffic is now happening through a phone these days. 

Customer Support

You not only have access to Squarespace's award winning customer service, you are also are added into the Leawood Studio Mastermind FB group where you can ask questions and collaborate with other customers. 

Beautiful Layouts

Your site will stand out above your competition because of the beautiful, sleek, and unique layouts. Each one is custom designed and there is a variety of styles to choose from. 


Leawood Studio Mastermind

We have a community of estheticians who use Squarespace website just like you! You can ask questions, give ideas, get ideas, and our team will pop in and give you exclusive tips on how to take your site to the next level. 

30 Social Media Downloads 

These custom-created downloads will go with whatever pop-up design you choose. Feel free to share them on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform. They are a great way to market your new site! 

 "Crushing It" by Gary Vee

To really inspire your marketing efforts, Leawood Studio is throwing in a FREE Hardcover copy of the #1 Bestseller "Crushing It" by business and social media guru, Gary Vaynerchuck. 


What platform is the Pop-Up Site built on?

We use Squarespace for all of our website designs at Leawood Studio. We believe it is the best platform for business owners because of the professional look, the easy to manage layout, and their customer service.

Can I customize my website?

Yes! We provide video tutorials showing you had to add your own logo, put in your own content, and other design tips such as colors and fonts.

Does the website include the images used in the demo?

Yes. Everything you see on the demo sites are what you will receive when you purchase the Pop-Up Site.

Do I have to pay a monthly website hosting fee?

Yes. These websites will be hosted on Squarespace and they have a fee of $10-$30 a month depending on the plan you choose. Here is a link to their pricing plans. Keep in mind that this also includes access to their award winning customer support, as well as their sleek editing platforms. 90% of our customers pay on the lower end ($10-$16 per month).

Will I have to create a Squarespace account?

Yes. When your site is delivered to you, you will receive an invitation from Squarespace asking you to create an account. This is as simple clicking on the link and creating a password. When you are ready to go live you will simply going to the billing settings and input the credit card you would like to be charged monthly or yearly for your site.

Will my site be mobile friendly?

Yes. All Pop-Up designs are fully responsive and will look great on a mobile and desktop device.

Can I add more pages?

Once the website is delivered to you, you can do whatever you want with it! Which includes adding pages. How to do this will be covered in the tutorial videos.

Can I add products to my site?

Squarespace has a BEAUTIFUL ecommerce platfor that is very easy to set up. However, how to do this will not be covered in the tutorial videos. You will be able to do some simple Googling as well as get on a live chat with a Squarespace representitive to walk to you through adding products to your site.