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(without spending thousands of dollars)

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I get it…

you want a clean, sleek, and beautiful website that is going to set your beauty business apart. BUT to hire a professional to create it for you is going to cost some $$$. In fact, most designers (that will deliver what you want) are going to charge between $1,500 to $7,000. I know this because I am one😉

So that leaves you with the DIY option which has this painful reality…how are you going to create a website that looks like a million bucks and speaks to your ideal client when you have ZERO website design experience?

I’ve been creating websites for the beauty industry for over 4 years

and I can tell you right now that designing your own site from scratch no matter how simple the platform, is frustrating, time consuming, and will almost always look “homemade” in the end. Which is why I created the a perfect blend of solutions so that you get a high end look without the high end price.


Easy to use, ready-made website templates

We have created unique and stunning templates for the beauty industry. These templates are the perfect blend between a DIY with a professional look.

For under $500 you receive:

  • A beautiful ready-made template

  • A PDF workbook with video tutorials showing you exactly how to customize your site

  • A content outline that will help guide you in creating the copy and wording for your site

  • Access to customer support at anytime that understands the beauty industry


We’re not like most templates…


Best Website Platform

All of our templates are built in Squarespace has proven to be the best website platform for small to medium size businesses who want something that is easy to work with and customizable.

Squarespace provides the simplicity and control that business owners love as well as the functionality that is needed when growing a business. You do not need to worry about feeling limited or that you will “outgrow” your website.

Ready Made Templates

I’m not going to pretend that I invented the idea of creating and selling Squarespace templates but I will tell you that with 99% of people don’t sell you a Squarespace template - they sell you video tutorials showing you how to create a site that looks like the template they are selling.

With us, you will receive a template that looks EXACTLY how it does in our demos. That way, you don’t have to do the building, just the customizing.

Guided Support

When you purchase a Leawood Studio Website Template you not only get access to Squarespace’s award winning customer service, you get access to our video tutorials that guide you through how to customize your site, AND access to our Facebook support group that you can post in anytime for help and support.

We are here every step of the way so you don’t need to feel alone or overwhelmed with the process.

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